Our Collision Repair Certifications

Luxury car manufacturers such as Tesla, Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW are increasingly employing aluminum alloys in their new car lines, and cutting edge manufacturers like Tesla have novel operating structures for handling vehicle repairs. These unique materials and processes require highly specialized repair procedures. Peotter’s Auto Body is one of the few collision repair centers in the country certified by auto manufacturers to repair structural and non-structural damage to their aluminum constructed vehicles. We are one of only three Jaguar certified repair facilities in all of New Jersey, and the first Tesla certified repair facility in New Jersey.

Manufacturer certifications for aluminum repairs require rigorous ongoing training, constant facility and equipment maintenance, and personnel training to keep up with the ever-changing industry requirements. We pride ourselves in pursuing and maintaining each of our certifications. Please read the information below to better understand the uniqueness of aluminum auto body construction, and the benefits of having your aluminum bodied vehicle repaired only at a collision facility certified by the manufacturer.